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 If you feel you may be interested in coming for personal ministry, please contact Pat James for an initial interview over the phone. Depending on the type of information provided, we will determine if we feel our counseling services will be of benefit to you. We recognize that certain more complicated, psychological problems may need to be handled by other professional, mental health counselors. You will need to complete an in-depth ministry application and make advance arrangements for payment of any ministry fees required.    

 We will make an initial analysis of your needs and formulate a personal ministry plan just for you. If you agree with our initial plan and the type of biblical counseling we provide, we will set up a series of appointments for you. Our counseling appointments are provided free of charge, but we do ask that you enter into a covenant agreement to make a financial contribution to Tree of Life if you have benefited from your time with us. This allows us to offer free ministry to others who can not afford to pay for our services. Since we are not licensed by the State of North Carolina, we can not accept any insurance payments for services rendered. We are licensed ministers who provide biblical counseling and prayer ministry as led by the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  We are located near Interstates 40 in Morganton, North Carolina, about 30 minutes from both Asheville and Hickory, North Carolina. We can provide you with a list of area accommodations from which you may choose. You will need to make your own arrangements for transportation, housing and food. For a map of our area, see the button to your left.